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By jtallman
Old Weller Antique 107 Proof $30.99 Bex Riesling $9.99 Dona Paula Estate Red $14.99 Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay $21.99 Blue Chair Bay White or Spiced Coconut $21.99 Founders Curmudgeon 4pk $10.99/10.19 Founders All Day IPA 15pk cans $16.99/15.99 Founders Centennial IPA 12pk cans $16.99/15.99 Sierra Nevada 4 Way IPA Mixed 12pk $15.99/14.99 New Belgium Folly Pack feat. Mighty Arrow 12pk cans $14.99/13.99 Schell's Pilsner Sampler 12pk $15.99/14.99 Stone Mixed 12pk $20.99/19.99 ...

By Jtallman
If you want to sound hip at a dinner party mention how hot Malbecs are. Sure the trend toward this predominently South American grape has been trending up for a few years now, but it's really smoking now. Malbec is no new kid on the block either. It's one of the six grapes that are allowed to be included in a Bordeaux blend. Malbec's popularity in France dipped in the 50s but luckily for us some Argentines and Chileans decided it might work in hot, sunny South America. Typically Malbecs are dark...

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Odell Lugene Milk Stout $8.99
4pk warm
Miller Lite or MGD $12.99
18pk bottles
Columbia Crest Grand Estates $8.99
Vendange Wines $5.99
Bud, Bud Lt. $14.99
20pk bottles

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