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By jtallman
New brewery alert!   Before we get to the new brewery, check out the new beers from two old standbys. Odell India Barley Wine 750mL $14.99  http://odellbrewing.com/beers/india-barleywine Hebrew Rejewvenator 22oz $5.99  http://www.shmaltz.com/HEBREW/rj10.html We got Twisted Pine Beers today. This craft brewery hails from Boulder. We haven't had a chance to try any of their brews yet, but look for reviews soon. In the meantime check their site http://www.twistedpinebrewing...

By jtallman
89 pts A rich ruby purple color in the glass. Slightly transluscent.  Aromas of rough leather, cinnamon toast crunch, oak and dark cherry.  Awesome balance on this wine. It starts with subdued plum and chocolate flavors and transitions into some really nice smoky oak and blackberry jam. The tannins are under control and go well with the strong midpalate. The finish lasts forever, tastes like leather and cherries.  Yum, an outstanding effort from Rodney Strong. 

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